Configure your conversion windows in Yahoo Gemini

Marketers are often looking for more ways to better control their campaign’s specific goals and KPIs. To address this need for native campaigns running in Yahoo Gemini globally, we’ve now added configurable conversion windows.

Advertisers running a “Visit my website” or “Know my brand” campaign can choose the most appropriate conversion window for their particular campaign—available anywhere from 1 minute to 30 days.

Configure your attribution using minutes, hours, or days as the time unit, with the default value set at 30 days. Advertisers will need to have a pixel set up on their site conversion page using our Dot universal tracking tag.

In the Manage Ads section of Yahoo Gemini, find Campaign Details and then Campaign Settings:

Here you’ll see a “Click-through conversion window” option with variable settings for minutes, hours, and days. Set realistic conversion windows to ensure the success of your campaign. For convenience, advertisers can submit an entire set of conversion windows using the bulk process.

This new feature is available on most general campaigns; however, the post-click window feature is not supported on app-install campaigns. The post-click window for app installs is fixed at 7 days in Yahoo Gemini.

Learn about creating an account, applying best practices, managing bulk operations, and more through the resources in our Yahoo Gemini help center.