Chobani sees healthy results with Yahoo Search Ads and unique measurement study

Groundbreaking search closed loop measurement study from Yahoo and NCS highlights strong sales impact of search advertising

In our new case study with Chobani, we explore how combining search ads with a groundbreaking measurement study can lead to some seriously delicious outcomes. Search advertising is a key way that many consumers learn about Chobani’s Greek Yogurt and why Chobani has run search advertising with Yahoo for years. Yet Chobani wanted to clearly understand how its search efforts benefited the bottom line and in-store sales.

“We know that not all impressions are created equal–we wanted to understand what each one was really worth,” said Jessica Lauria, Senior Director of Brand Communications at Chobani.

To help Chobani better understand the relationship between SERP and sales, Yahoo partnered with Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) to conduct an innovative measurement study. Using household data on demographics, purchase histories, regional purchase behavior, and buying cycles, we were able to observe the influence of search ads on in-store sales of Chobani products.

Read our case study to learn:

  • How Chobani improved sales by 9% and captured 1.3% greater market share with Yahoo Search ads
  • What enabled Chobani to understand its entire customer funnel
  • How search advertising through Yahoo Gemini, combined with an offline sales measurement study, can prove your sales impact image

“Chobani has quickly understood the power of data and effective measurement when combined with its search ad strategy on Yahoo to ensure all of these efforts are driving sales and value for their business,” said Jeremy Gold, Senior Director and Industry Lead, CPG, at Yahoo. “For Chobani, this study shows the purchasing power of consumers on Yahoo and the value of search ads to engage them.”

This offline sales measurement is now available to all US advertisers.

Read the full case study.


Chobani sees healthy results with Yahoo Search Ads