A case study of the modern marketer

During a Yahoo panel at Advertising Week 2016 in New York, Megan Harris of Syzygy explains how Yahoo data helped uncover new customer segments for one of her auto-rental clients.


Megan Harris: The way we've been using programmatic and the way we've been using Yahoo Mail and their first-party data and the BrightRoll DSP—we've been trying to find really small micro segments of audiences that are actually moving the needle.

A lot of our creative in the past couple years, before we were doing this kind of micro segmenting and looking at data in that way, all the ads were targeted towards males—white, business-traveling males.

And what we found in this data is some key trends around travelers, leisure customers in general. And that women, not only women but mothers who have families, are actually the people who are booking most often and returning.

And they are actually the people who are buying the add-ons for the cars. So what we were able to do is find those bright spots.

They might be small segments, but then we tailor our creative, tailor our messaging, tailor we're putting our ads, in order to hit that.