The best of all worlds for consumers with live online video

Following the 2016 Association of National Advertisers Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando, Florida, we published excerpts from our research into the opportunities for advertisers through live video.

In short, live online video offers the best of all worlds to consumers: the ability to take the programming wherever they need to go, a greater emotional attachment to the content, and a greater propensity to share their thoughts with their peers via social media.

Yahoo: 64% of respondents said they have already watched a live online video event in the past year, and this number will only increase

Yahoo offers the type of daily live programming and special events that consumers are looking to view in real time across devices.

Millions of fans have tuned in to watch sporting events live on Yahoo, and the exclusive live stream of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholders meeting on Yahoo drew more than one million viewers. With reach and market leadership in content categories like Sports, News, Finance and Lifestyle, we’re continuing to produce and air live content.

By taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities on these programs, advertisers are already realizing an extremely effective ad experience.

The bottom line: Users are increasingly expecting to find their live content online, and advertisers who don’t recognize this trend risk being left behind.

To learn more, please download our custom research into the opportunities with live video or read our article published by ANA.