Back to video basics: what about mobile?

This post also published on the BrightRoll blog.

If you’re anything like me, your smartphone is always by your side. It’s the first thing I interact with in the morning, it sticks with me throughout my day, and it’s the last thing I look at before going to sleep. I watch a ton of video on my phone; when I’m on the bus, when I need a short break, or when my friends and family share. A recent study from Yahoo shows I am not alone, and that more and more people are consuming video on their smartphones. And, for advertisers, that’s a great time to reach me and the millions of people watching video on their mobile devices.

So what’s the best way to start with mobile video advertising? Many of our advertisers have found success in connecting existing desktop campaigns across devices to mobile. Advertisers are seeing brand favorability increased by 250%, according to a recent Yahoo research study:

Yahoo / BrightRoll: Cross-Device Packs a Punch

So if we know cross-device video campaigns are able to drive success for advertisers, the next step is determining the best ways to reach this captive mobile audience.

If you are already running desktop video pre-roll with a DSP, look into extending your digital video campaign with mobile pre-roll ads. Adding mobile pre-roll as a simple addition to your campaign moves you into a cross-device campaign, but that campaign becomes even more powerful when you use your DSP to layer on advanced data to speak to your target audience.

Your DSP can be a valuable asset in your digital marketing campaigns. The BrightRoll DSP can segment mobile audiences by time of day, and leverage content interest and demographic data from Yahoo’s 1 billion users and more than 165 billion daily data events. In this example, you can use the BrightRoll DSP to target audiences in the afternoon during commute times and during primetime TV hours. Then layer on interest data on the types of digital videos and content your target audience is consuming, and your target demographics, let’s say age and gender, to reach the right audience at the right time. All of this is accomplished through advanced data and targeting.

Match a targeted campaign with the proven performance of cross-device campaigns, and you have a winning combination for your digital advertising.