’Tis already the season to help holiday shoppers

Summer is nearly behind us, and thoughts among shoppers and advertisers alike will soon be turning to the holiday season. Our new infographic, Adding Value to Holiday Shopping Experiences in 2016, based on the findings of our Holiday Shopping Insights Study, breaks down opportunities for marketers along the holiday shopping journey.

A pivotal finding revealed in our study: marketers need to engage shoppers early.

This approach, combined with a sustained presence throughout the fall and holiday seasons—not just around high-traffic times like Black Friday and Cyber Monday—is an essential way for marketers to reach consumers this year.

Consumers actually start shopping much earlier than Thanksgiving weekend. Once they start, they take their time to consider options and do research, and then make most of their purchases after Thanksgiving weekend.

Shoppers are in the market for products and brands early—as early as before Halloween—even though much of the buying doesn’t take place until after Thanksgiving. This trend gives marketers a lengthy window of opportunity to establish relationships with shoppers and deliver strong brand experiences in the lead-up to when they actually make a purchase.

There’s a big opportunity for retail marketers to align their ad investments to this consumer behavior. Last year, according to a study from Kantar Media, retail marketers allocated more than half their 2015 holiday advertising budgets to the post-Thanksgiving period, leaving only one third of budgets for the pre-Thanksgiving period.

As marketers plan, execute and optimize their 2016 holiday campaigns, it’s in their best interest to integrate their brands into consumers’ holiday shopping experience so it’s easier for them to make informed purchase decisions as we get closer to the holidays.

We hope you find this infographic helpful and please contact us for any guidance you might need in your digital marketing efforts this 2016 holiday season. Happy holiday marketing!