P&G Thanks Paralympic Moms with Inspirational Ad

  • Thomas T. Lady, in Yahoo Content, Agencies

P&G welcomes the 2014 Winter Paralympics with a video honoring the world’s toughest moms raising the world’s toughest kids.

During the Sochi Olympics, P&G aired a series of commercials (and videos on Yahoo) featuring star athletes giving props to Mom for all her support throughout the years. With the 2014 Winter Paralympics starting on March 7, P&G kicked off a new version of its “Proud Sponsor of Moms” campaign with a recent video ad on Yahoo.com that pays homage to the moms who raise kids with disabilities and help them become world-class athletes.

This heartfelt ad on the Yahoo homepage speaks directly to P&G’s target audience and reassures moms everywhere that they’re appreciated and recognized for their hard work.


The ad begins with an 865x220 pushdown displaying a brief montage of moms who believe that their little ones can overcome anything. From there, you can either make the banner disappear or keep it down to play the NetStream video inside of it.

The video is a moving one-minute spot that shows moms helping their kids to overcome their disabilities and gain the confidence and skill to compete at an international level. The clip culminates with some fired-up hockey players ready to face off on the ice, and mom giving a nod of deep satisfaction.




As the parent company of many favorite mom brands including Pantene, Tide, Duracell, and Bounty, P&G’s video pushdown shows just how much those who bring us into the world matter to our success.


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