Ignite Your Brand Message with Engaging Native Advertising Solutions


Web users prefer seeing ads that match up with their interests, and that’s spurring the surging growth of native advertising.  Brands have become big believers: 63% feel that native ads increase customer engagement with their messages.*

Yahoo’s native advertising solutions help accelerate that engagement by blending online content and advertising in a natural way that enriches the user’s experience and delivers better returns for brands.

Our solutions let you target consumers with ads that fit smoothly into the content and context of what they’re viewing. They appear organically within user experiences, allow you to connect with millions of prospective customers across Yahoo, and serve seamlessly across devices.

We have two native ad units available for advertisers on our self-serve platform. These intelligent and responsive formats are perfect for mobile campaigns, because they automatically adapt to all screens:

Stream Ads appear front and center across major Yahoo sites by naturally blending into the content streams viewed by users.  They’re served in the personalized content streams of major properties including Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Mail, and more.

Image Ads harness the beauty of HD images for vivid, personal, and emotional brand storytelling. Image Ads are served within native image environments across Yahoo properties and Flickr, such as photo galleries and slideshows.

image-ad-solutions-native-234Our native ad solutions offer exciting and effective ways for brands to reach and connect with consumers in a way that complements their online behavior.  And they deliver results, as shown by these customer experiences:

  • A consumer packaged goods company reported that Yahoo Stream Ads delivered 175% more impressions and 125% more clicks compared to social media ads---and at 75% lower cost.
  • A food retail company saw Yahoo Stream Ads achieve nearly 500% more impressions and 80% more clicks compared to search ads---and at 30% lower cost.
  • An online health site has run more than 4 million Stream Ads and reports that its site traffic has increased by 30%.
  • Our recently launched Image Ads have already attracted many major brands, including Mazda and  Fiat.

Our native advertising solutions can help you reach the right consumers with relevant messages on any device.  Learn how you can leverage this engaging ad format to ignite your brand campaigns by contacting your Yahoo Account Representative.

*, BIA/ Kelsey april 2013